Smart House Network

Smart house concept is not new and humans around the world has been striving to achieve it since 1970's. The main purpose of using this system is to make our life luxurious and comfortable. All home based appliances has been invented to serve this purpose but with the invention of Bluetooth, Smartphones, Wifi and Networks, things have become much more easier for smart network system. With the new system in place, you can switch on or off lights or fan of your house from your office. Moreover, you can check whehter you have locked your home or not with just a single click. Not only that, more and more people have already started using the apps to watch their cctv footages from remote locations.

As a project ideas for your final year or science fair competition, you can build lot of things on this topic. Like, you can build an app to control all the appliances at your home. You may need to do some changes in the boards but for experimental purpose this is not going to be difficult. Similarly imagine if lights and fans of your house switches off whenever you lock the main door. These are only few things but you can do lot more with the technology which are available to us.  And with little searching and thinking, you are going to get lot more inspirations and topics. 

Allowing homeowners to remotely access a home network and change the state of attached lights, door locks and appliances.

What is Home Automation ?

Home Networks

Cell Phone Home Controller

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