Portable Party Power

We live in a mobile, well-connected society dependent on iPods, laptops, cell phones, and PDAs. Electronic devices do not carry enough power for extended periods of time.When people stray from their home power outlets, there is a need for a moderate-sized power source to recharge electronic devices and also operate small120V appliances during outdoor activities. This mobile power mimics household AC power by using a battery bank capable of delivering up to 800 watts for 1 hour. This battery bank will be rechargeable via automobile auxiliary DC jack, or home outlet. This portable system will also have a solar panel to utilize green energy and be rechargeable without other sources of power.

There can be various types of portable chargers. Most commonly used is Solar Charger.

If you wanna know its concept , these chargers are easily available in the market. Buy one and  see it yourself how it works?

Concept behind this project is that you can charge your portable device on the move. You can use solar energy , wind energy or your walk , the only need is that, energy you used should be available everywhere.

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