MRS chat server

This project is about implementing a chat server. The clients have to get connected to the chat server and should specify to which client it needs to get connected. Then the chat server will make those two clients to get connected and the clients can exchange messages.

Chat : Written in C .A curses-based chat program with client and server in one package.

Free Chat server : Written in Java

Free Instant Message : Programmed in  C.  This project contain chat server and chat client/admin that works on

ACE Chat Server: C++ : A powerful web chat server suite built using Object Oriented techniques with the
ACE(ADAPTIVE Communication Environment) framework, Supports text chat
features, audio,video chat planning.

Virtual Places Chat Server : It is open source,
written in Visual Basic.

Seal Chat is a simple Chat Server with many features like IRC,
completely written in PHP.

JChat is a kind of IRC-like chat service entirely developed in Java 2.

OpenCHAT :is a HTTP and HTML based chat server written in Java.

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