banking system in c++

The banking system in c++ is a school project which gives us some really nice ideas of what can be achieved using the C++ and some of the important aspect of language.

It includes various functions that are used for showing Account Details, Creating New account, Depositing Money and Withdrawing money. Almost all the functions required by the bank.

This system will require us to have following modules:

  • New Account
  • Deposit Account
  • Withdraw Account
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Display All Accounts
  • Close An Account
  • Modify An Account

New Account

For new account we will need the following data:

  1. Account No
  2. Account Holder's Name
  3. Type of Account: Current or Saving
  4. Amount to be deposited Initially

We will need to get this info from the User of the system. In C++ we use cin>>variable_name and to ask these questions, we will need to use cout<<"text or question"

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