Monthly Budget Planner

Budget Planner

Planning monthly budget is very significant thing for every individual.It helps him to spend his money wisely.

What is Monthly Budget Planner?

As its name suggest, its about planning how we are going to spend our budget. But before we plan anything, it is important for us to know where and for what we are spending our money for. So as a software, it takes your total monthly income, and everything you spends on and as a report it gives you an idea of on what you are actually spending on.

Is it important to have database for this?

It totally depends on the individaul choice. If you don't want to save any data, but wants to take all the information like income and expenditure in one form and wanna provide the instant result. You will not need the database and even, you can program this in javascript itself. 

It is very basic computer project still very useful to begin understanding how we can write professional codes.

To develop a project planner for yourself, you will need to know that every budget planner will have transactions, and these transactions will of two types:

1. Credit (When the Money moves out of the system). 
2. Debit ( When the money comes into the system)

To store this, you can create database table called transaction_type and it will have two rows, the first is for debit and another for credit. 

The other table you will need is for storing transactions, you can name it as transactions table

Third database table will be for storing all the transactions with their date

Fourth One is for storing categories like Salary, Grocery, and everything related to Income or expense

Fifth one is for logs, which will keep the log of everything happening on the system.

Family Monthly Budget Planner :Microsoft provides free monthly budget planner in MS Excel. It would be good start for beginners who wants to get feel of project before actually start coding it.

DS Budget Home : is a simple, open source budgeting program for everyone written by Soichi Hayashi

Grisbi : is a personal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows, released under the GPL license

I have created a reactjs based codesandbox to give you an idea of its basic concept! I hope that would be good starting point for you:

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