Visual Basic and .NET Projects

Hostel Management System

This system involves some very complex tasks. Some of them includes but not limited to are 1) Filling Registration forms
2) Processing this information
3) In current system every work needs to be handle manually, like Student Information, Fee Details and Refund , Room Allotment, Attendance and Reports. After installing Hostel Management System, things will become more easier for both students and Warden


The most profitable way for both sellers and buyers are Auctions. This is why Auction houses are very popular around the world.
In this project, we can manage with following five database tables: 1) Users with FirstName, LastName, Password, Role,Address, Email, Phone etc. This table will store all the information about the user and his role. This will also check user's username and password when he first logs in. 2) Products table having all the info about product such as ProductName, CategoryId, Description, Image, MinAmount, BiddingDate, Status, UserId. THis table will be connected with two tables(Users, Categories) using foreign key Category ID, User ID . 3) Bids Tables with columns BidID, BuyerID (userid in usertable), BidAmt, ProductId(product id from product table), BidDate etc 4) Category Table storing CategoryID and CategoryName and 5) Feedback Table with EmailID, Subject and Username Read More...

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