Wind Energy Projects
In all renewable energies, Wind Energy is one of the most used energy. We have been using this energy since last many centuries for pumping water or for grinding grains. The most interesting project for me is the water pump which is powered by wind energy. Though it is very old technique but I find it very relevant till this day. We all requires to pump water irrespective of whether we live in city or in village. And for pumping we use electrical motors. In my opinion, these motors can be replaced by wind powered motors with some modifications and extra storage on each floor. This may not be the fastest way but as this machine will work 24 x 7, it will able to pump sufficient water.
While building this site and writing articles on project ideas blog, I have found many projects on wind energy such as small wind turbine, Wind powered Vehicles,  filter water using wind and solar energy(solar cubes), wind powered mobile charger, Wind powered sewing machine and lot more.
In this post I will add some of them but almost all of them work on the same concept which is to convert kinetic energy of wind into rotational energy using blades of wind turbine. And using this rotational energy to move turbine for generating electricity or to connect it with rod or shaft for other purposes like pumping water, gridning grains or for sewing machine.
I have discussed most of the projects on my blog page ( On this site, I am planning to add more very soon.


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