Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Finding a good project title is not always easy and we created this site to give you guidance regarding the same. We have divided this site into several categories like mechanical engineering, computer science(CSE), IT, Electronics engineering etc. In each category you will get different project ideas and you can select one. Though you can select any one of your choice, but I have few recommendations for you based on my experience. Like for Mechanical Students I would suggest Renewable Energy Projects which include Solar, Wind, Ocean, Compression energy etc. It will give you better understanding of the difficulties faced by the engineers while working for green energy and how much rewarding nature is if we use it wisely?
Similarly for Computer science students, I would suggest to opt for title from here but implement it to make mobile apps. In current Scenario, apps are in great demand. So, for example, you get an idea of creating photo sharing website, try to implement the same idea on app.
For Electronics students, my recommendation is always for Robotics. I am amazed to see how much automation is involved in our life and how it affects us. In comparison to old time, you have know every tool available at your doorsteps including hardware and software requires to build great working machine.
While developing this site, I kept in mind two very important things:
1) Site should be mobile friendly : I tried my best to make this site mobile friendly so people who are accessing it on their mobiles find it easy to access and use.
2) Speed: My main motive is to deliver page in fastest possible speed. To achieve this goal, I tried every possible way and would keep looking for other ways to make it faster.
How to best use this site?
As a engineering graduate you all know that each and every project requires lot of expertise and knowledge. Covering all the information in one page is next to impossible. So, use this site just as a starting point where I will try my best to provide you as many topics as I can and help you in finding your favorite.
Once you know exactly the topic you want to work on, please look for other sources like google, youtube or wikipedia to find more about it. In my opion education sites from various universities provide the most useful content and information. So, I highly recommend using them. Moreover, if possible, try to find video classes of universities to get more insight of the selected topic.
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