Design of Heat Exchanger for a Steel Plant

The most common heat exchanges I have seen is what we use in a car, i.e Radiator of the engine. Basically, A heat exchanger is a part or equipment which is build to transfer heat as per our expectation and requirement while keeping separation between both the source of heat and the receiver of heat separate. In simple terms they don't get mix. I have found this idea on one of the educational site but I am not sure what this is refering too. As a industrial visit, I have been to the steel plant myself and the most significant part of heat exachange happens when the stell comes out red and hot and water is being poured on it. In the process Water gets heated and evaporated while steel becomes cool and shaped as per requirements. Some people for sheets of it and others would like to build rods.

please let me konw If some of you find anything significant related to this topic, so I can add more info into this article.

What wiki says about Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers Designing(pdf)

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