Computer Science Final Year Project Ideas


i am final year student.i am confused about deciding project topic.please help by providing platest project to[ics in computer as soon as possible,please.

@Sagar If you wanna build something very complex but useful, I would suggest you to build smart web application using search algorithm lucene and crawler by indexing various useful freely available data around the web and extract useful information from them and for doing something easy you can build online voting system , with finger print enabled feature.

i would like to know about some basic ideas and knowledge on this domain for doing projects.

guess u hav cmpltd ur prjct.....

PLease sir send me the latest topic on .net project because i am exam is near and i have to submit the topic on project . I hope that you will send it fast a posible .

I am starting my final year next week and am really unsure abut what i want my topic to be, actually more like i have no idea. so, i would really appreciate if someone suggested a couple of topics. I can use C, C++, Visual basic, MySQL.

u should do ur project in iphone also doing in iphone bcz i only knw c++-database etc so i recomend u same 4 more info contact me @

i have to give seminar.can u plz suggest some latest seminar topics? But the topic must b latest plz..i will b highly thankful to u for this..

You can give seminar on either intellegent web applications such as facebook and amazon or on cloud computing such as drop box.

i think this will help u

some latest topics are : pixie dust, zig bee

liquid coling in 3D multicore processor . TSV technology is used in it adn thad would be quiet latest topic seminar . or you can go for bridging technologies in intel processors .

i like this idea as this idea is final my project

I want to do final year project Kindly gime some idea in Open source othr than web app
I m intrested in C++,C

hiiiiii...... friend am al so doing 4th year so u can batter its an good project an human resource management it s a good project work so u can batter given the seminar that one so u have help connect

i want to develop somehow unique project in c/c++ as desktop support application...kindly give some unique project with idea(as per possible)...

hello.i want to do my final yar project in java.could u plz suggest some very good topics.

anyone doing or done project in web services,,,,?? please send your SRS(documentation) to my mail...i need it

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hi i need a title for my final year project,can u help :(

pls tell project list ready of urs
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please help me for above domain related new topics

excuse me plz im doing my final year cse please can any one suggect me a main project im interested in doing with java or on web base,social networking,cloud computing, ect ....plz im glad if anyone do this favour to me

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Hello, I'm a computer engineering final year student in need of project ideas. I need something I can do with C#, preferably with as much hardware implementation as possible.

Guys, even I'm a final year student and even I'm confused about my final year project. I want to do something which should be the awesomest project in my college.. I'm still in search for a good topic.. Bt I can share some ideas with you guys which may help you for ur final year projects

Consider any of the following:

1) File system designing and implementation - u can grab any of the research papers on file systems nd give a seminar on it, also implement them if you hav to submit it!

2) Windows Phone 7.5 app - there's a thorough tutorial available for WP7 app development, u can make a great app and submit to marketplace and earn some money and also present it as ur final year project!

3) Content based Image Retrieval - there are thousands of algorithms for implementing CBIR in Matlab. Their code is available for free on internet. You can use them to build an application which would recognise gestures and perform operations according to those gestures. Amazing, isn't it?

4) Make a game - Angry Birds can't be beaten up. No game can take it's position. But still you can give it a try and come up with a creative idea and build a game. It will be fun while developing the game and also very uncommon project for a computer engineer student

5) For more ideas or suggestions, contact me at :D

please provide me with some more information as how to pocees with the image to text conversion process... It would be very very helpful

i want to do a project or rather create a software for rehab centre... help me with some ideas on how to go abt it

M a Final year student.... B.E.Comp. Suggest some project topics for me yaar.... M fed up by surfing....

suggest a topic on data mining

i havent made any projects earlier..can u suggest some projects whch are good for me as a starter n whch will help me in learning

M a final yr student from mumbai university and i would like u to suggest me some nice but not too complex projects related to java or any latest web applications. Plzz do suggest me some on

Please can someone just topics for me for my final year project. Sometin on C#. I av been thinking of a prj dat has to do with finger-print authentication but not sure if i can use c# to implement it. Tanks.

i'm unable to finalize which topic to choose.. could i get a lil help??

i will do my final year project in mobile communication with language is java

I need a prjcy which doesnt exist on google.dats da requirement of our college,,no web designing,no managment projects!no h/w inolvd suggest some new ideas or concepts

M a student of CSE in diploma.. So can any1 suggest some latest n best project topics in any language???? U can contact me

Sir I am CSE final year student. how can I make mobile application and tell me CSE 4final year topics.

Hello everyone,, I need some of the topics for my major project,,which should not b a web-based rather it should b any window-based application using C,, C++,, .NET(C#) and SQL..... I m CSE fnl year student.... Thnkz in advance...:)

I am student of diploma Cse final year...I am confused about my project So plz,tell me about the projects that will be better for me.

u can call me on 9153740280 for details

can u teach how to select project topic?

i am a student of final year engineering....... i am confused as to which language i should work on..... i am familiar with c, c++, a little knowledge of java and web designing so can you suggest something....

PHP is very popular nowdays and building project in php mysql is easier than C or Java. Moreover in PHP you can CMS(Content Management Systems such as Joomla or Wordpress) which makes it even easier.