Pedal Powered Water Pump

Pedal powered Pumps are one of the best ways of pumping water from the well and tubewell at the places where electricity has not reached yet. Mainly in parts of Asia and Africa where despite really good progress in last decade still require many more miles to go till every village gets electricity.

pedal powered water pump

Though you can choose other forms of pumps too such as Solar Powered pumps( Governments are giving subsidy too) or Windmill pump but if water is needed just for drinking purposes, my opinion is to go for pedal pumps.

To understand the working of these pumps, I will give you little background regarding the types of pumps. Basically pumps are those machines which convert mechanical energy into fluid energy.Generally pumps are classified based on the working principle such as dynamic or displacement pump. Both these types have various sub categories such as:

Dynamic Pumps:

1)Centrifugal (most used electric pump used at our houses too): These pumps are simple in design and uses centrifugal force to pump water up. When blades inside the pump starts moving in rotatory motion.This motion generates centrifugal force which pushes the water up and due to which, a pressure difference occurs inside the pump and outside. This phenomena leads to suction of water inside the pump and repetition of this cycle pumps the water to great distances.
This video will explain you more about it:

2)Positive displacement Pumps:


2) Reciprocating Pumps (we are going to use this one) : These pumps are usually used in hand pumps. They work on the same principle which is used bicycle type pump. This pump uses two valve; inlet and outlet. When piston is forced to move downwards, it creates vacuum inside the chamber, which leads to suction of water inside the chamber. Video given below will explain you this process in better way:

Though you need to do your own research to find exactly what parts are important for this pump but still I would like to share some of the things you may need to build this project: Hand Pump Rod Bicycle pedals with stand or supporting frame Pipe Fittings Pressure measuring Equipment Plastic pipes


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