Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System

This system is used in hostels of colleges and schools. This is very useful application for both the management and students.This software helps to manage data about students, there rooms allocacation and evacuation,guest details and information about vacant rooms which otherwise a tedious process.

In this software you will need following database tables:

1) Student Info: This table will  have all the information regarding student like his name, address, phone, email with unique student id

2) Rooms Info : This db table will have information related to rooms like room_no, room_name(optional), floor, number of students allowed 

3) Room Alloted: it will have information about which room is alloted to which student. This can be done using two columns(room no and student id, Staff id). Other columns can be date of allocation , end datetc.e 

 4) Staff Information: This will keep the info of management who keeps all the info regarding people working in the hostel. Any room alloted will have their id to find who alloted the room and when.

For frontend you can use any framework but for this particular system, my choice is laravel.

Source codes :

Hostel Management System in PHP : Download 

Hostel Management System : System written as a project for Yabatech Nigeria. Uses an access database to store records of students, hostel, room and allocation.

HMS : Developed be sourabh at Mnit

Related PDF :

Project Report on Scibd

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