Hotel management System Project

Hotel Management System is a project which can be developed using any one of the popular PHP frameworks easily. You can use either Codeigniter or Laravel. The basic idea is to create a database using MySQL and website in any programming language of your choice. You can select any one of the projects given below to get an idea.

Hotel Mangement System

We need to keep in mind that this project can be divided into several modules:

1) Authentication module: This will have various user roles which include User, Owner, Manager, Restaurant and Staff. For adding roles, you will just need to add one more col with name Roles in the database table.

2) Rooms module: This part will have all the information regarding Rooms, their categories and prices. Moreover, this will require a separate table for rooms images.

3) Booking module: This module will keep the information on bookings and it will be connected with both clients and hotel staff. 


To develop HMS you should know how to develop and manage DBMS. You can use any Database management system such as Ms. Access, My SQL, etc. This system is completely dependent on database tables so there is not much work at the front end still you should use the language you are comfortable with. I recommend VB for these types of project.

Source Codes :

Download HMS Source code



HMS : HMS is pure console application where you can add, edit, del, view bills, customer's info. You can create, book, clear room as & when you need.


Hotel Management Information System: This system is to keep record of hotel guests. It includes facilities for booking, making registrations and posting of bills and entering room hotel rates. This system works on all the modern browsers including chrome, firefox, IE or opera. You need to have wamp or xampp (windows) or lamp(Linux) to use this software.

Learn How to install php HMS?


Step 1) Download HMS using this link.

Step 2) After completion of download, unzip compressed file into apache server's public folder. 

For Wamp users, most of the time it would be at c:\wamp\www and for xampp users on windows it would be at c:\xampp\public_html

For Linux users (/var/www(if html folder is missing) or /var/www/html/ 

Though you can change the root folder of your server as per your wish, but that is out of scope for this tutorial, you can learn more about it by searching on google.

Step3) open http://localhost/phpmyadmin into your browser and create new database hotelmis

Step4) Insert new user into the database while keeping in mind that you need to put password in md5 encryption as shown in video

Step5) Do some database info edits in queryfunctions.php and files according to your database. Most of the time, username is root and password is NULL(leave blank) for window users.

Step 6) Open http://localhost/hotelmis and start using this wonderful web software.

I hope that helps. If you have any issues, please let us know via comments. We will try to sort them out asap.

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