Windmill Pump

Due to global warming there is need of renewable sources of energy. This project will help in same

Concept :

The wind blowing at 8-10 km per hour at a height of 10 meter, rotates the blades of the windmill, which in turn drives the gear box. The gear box increases the speed of rotation and converts the rotary motion into reciprocating motion. The reciprocating motion drives the pump rod which is connected to an appropriate size of pump at the other end, which pumps the water from the well/bore well.

What is Pump?

In simplest of definition, we can say that a pump is a mechanical device which move or raise liquids or gases using suction or pressure.

Pumps can be divided into three major sections based on how they work:

1)   Direct Lift

2)   Displacement

3)   Gravity Pumps

To make the pumps work, we have lot of options such as electricity (pumps at our homes), mechanical energy (hand pumps), natural gas (large industries), or wind power etc.

In this post, we are going to discuss about wind driven pump. The best thing about windmill powered pump in comparison to any other non-conventional sources is its ability to use wind energy directly to pump water, instead of first converting it into electricity and then using this energy to power electric pumps, as in the case of solar energy.

What is Windmill Pump?

Windmill is a mill that converts wind energy into rotational energy. When we use this rotational energy to pump water, this pump is called windmill pump. This technology has been around since 2000 years.


How pump works?

Windmill when rotates, move rod of pump into up and down motion. When rod moves up, it brings water out into the pipe, and it keeps doing it until water comes out from top end of pipe.

It uses very simple concept of pressure difference and one way valve. When, rod push in downward motion, it increases the pressure inside the chamber, which close the valve at the bottom. In simplest of terms, we can assume valve as a door which opens only at one side. So, when rod moves up, it reduces pressure inside the chamber while creating vacuum, so water inside the well moves into the chamber via valve.


Advantages of using this pump:

There are two main advantages of using these pumps:

1.   It can work at the places where electricity is still a distant dream.

2.   It works without polluting environment and saves us money.

3.   As, it has been in use since centuries, technology and parts related to building windmill pump are available to all.

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