Student Information system

It is an application for schools and colleges to manage student data.Student data includes his fees, attendance , other relevant information about him.

For this application you should have knowledge of working with databases. In information system you will need to generate tables with the use of normalization. After completion of databases you can use any language in front end to display its content. To build quickly and finding exactly what technologies we can use, you should write down everything on paper and if possible draw some wireframes as well. Once we have everything on paper, things become much easier.

In my opinion, the best framework you can use for this application is either Ruby on Rails or Laravel. After installing any of these framework create authentication system first. Once you have authentication system working, make it default home page by doing changing in the routes file.

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Student Management System in PHP and Mysql  : This project is based on php and installing it is lot easier if you have knowledge of php and have wamp, lamp or mamp (as per your operating system) installed on your computer. Once you download this project, you just need to unzip it and move it to the root folder of your site's server. Root folder of this project contains install.txt file, where you will find instruction of installing database. 

SIS c++ Download

INN-SIS is the Innsbruck Student Information System. ISIS is being
developed by the student representatives for the students of computer
sciences at the University of Innsbruck.

GCUSIS : This Project is for Govt. College University's Department of Computer
Science. This project is started to automate the Student registration in
the Department of Computer Science. And it is carried out by the
Students of 2nd Semester.

StudentInfosys : This is a software written in CPP to be used as Student information
system by a small scale educational institution to manage few attributes
like grade sheets, attendance, enrollment etc. This can also be used as
for tutoring CPP.

SIS Student Information System written in php.

Open source Student Information System

Learn how to install PHP Student Management System:

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