Online Shopping Project

One of the simplest projects for students but still effective. Building an eCommerce application has been can not be easier with the platforms like WordPress with woo-commerce , Joomla with Virtuemart, Bigcommerce, Opencart.   You just need to customize it according to your need and that too with the help of tutorials provided at net. In this post we will see, how we can build our own shopping site in minutes using one of the above method i.e Wordpress with woo commerce.

1) Install wamp or xampp server on your computer and to confirm that whether it gets installed correctly and working, try to access localhost page. If this page does not show 404 not found error. It means you have installed the server correctly and if this is not the case, you need to make sure your server works, because without it you can not move forward.  

2). After server installation, please create directory with the name "bookstore" into your server's public directory. In my case (wamp installation) its look like this c:/wamp/www/bookstore

3). Download cms from here and once finish, you need to unzip this folder into your above created directory which is c:/wamp/www/bookstore in my case. You can name it as per your wish.

4). Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create database with the name of bookstore. 

5). If you have done everything correctly, you will see wordpress welcome screen at http://localhost/bookstore/ . Please follow the instruction until the screen shown asking for database info. In my case I put database name as bookstrore, username: root and left password blank as I do not have any password for mysql, but you need to fill this info according to your configurations.

6. Once you finish with wordpress installation, you can install woocommerce via plugins section of your admin panel as shown in Video.

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