Mechanical Projects

1. Android Controlled Robotic Arm

In this project, you will learn about how to control a robotic arm using an application on Android. The arm can move both horizontally and vertically. And all the movements can be controlled using the sliders of the app.

The project uses Arduino boards and its programming language.

2. Building the 5 DOF Robot Arm

As you already know from the title that this idea is related to the robot arm. Some of you may be thinking what's this DOF ?

DOF means the Degree of Freedom. So basically an arm which has 5 degrees of freedom. For building this arm, you can choose the material of your choice but in the video posted below, the arm is made of Aluminium.

This arm is robust, can lift heavy weights and have sensors on it as well.

3. Coconut Grating Machine

With Traditional methods, Coconut Grating is a tedious and unsafe task. To make it safer and easy to do, you can build a machine for coconut grating.

This PDF will be a good starting point for you.

3. Double Hacksaw

What is Double Hacksaw?

Hacksaw is a saw consist of fine tooth. This is used to cut metals.

What's difference in Double Hacksaw

The present electrical hacksaw can cut only one metal at a time. But with double Hacksaw, four metals can be cut together.

This will improve efficiency and saves time.

You can refer to Double Hacksaw Slide for more info.
SlideShare for Double Hacksaw

4. Semi Automatic Drain Cleaner

automatic drain cleaning system

In the 21st century, technology has made our life a lot easier. But despite all the innovation and automation, in several countries, drains are still needs to be cleaned by humans where people have to go into the drain to clean it.

This is very dangerous as sometimes drain contains harmful gases and disease causing virus and bacteria.

This project would helpful in getting this manual process automated.

Click here to read Automatic Drainage Cleaning System

5. DC Motor Powered Hammer Machine

Hammers has helped us through centuries to craft metals to useful tools and equipments

Sometimes, powerful hammering requires two-man, one for holding the object and another one to hammer it. Furthermore, it requires a lot of energy to hammer hard and if the weight of the hammer is on a higher side.

To help the Toolsmith and saves the time, this project does the hammering automatically with the help of DC Motor, Shaft and Pulley.

Read The Details On Skyfilabs

6. Automatic WhiteBoard/Blackboard Cleaner

As its name implies, this is a system which cleans the board automatically.

In present scenario, the boards need to be cleaned manually by Erasor.

This system will make it automatic where a slider having eraser attached to it would move from left to right repetitively and in the process will clean the board.

International Journal PDF for automatic board

7. Automatic Garage Door Opener

This purpose of this project is to open the Garage Door when a smartphone arrives within a pre-defined distance from the Garage.

The concept of this project is simple, and can be implemented in a three steps:

  • Step 1) You will need a working electric Garage Door opener system. So whenever you press a switch or button, it should open the door
  • Step 2) A module which can trigger this button on or off based on the information it receives, information can be received from computer or from a SMS
  • Step 3) Mobile Phone App, which calculate the distance and trigger the module to switch on the door opener automatically.


Read More to get a detailed explanation

8. Automatic Side Stand System

Have you ever forgot to pull up your bike's side stand?

If yes, then this project would help you to get this automatically with the help of Slow speed 12 V DC Motor. This motor will be powered using a battery like UB1250.

It starts to work when you push the start button on your bike, it starts the motor which pulls up the stand up to the point and the correct location. At this moment, the limit switch gets triggered and it will stop the motor.

And with the help of relay, you can change the direction when you will need to put the side stand back.

Checkout this slideshare to know more

9. Paper Cutting Machine using Geneva

Paper cutting is being popular for centuries. It usually is done mechanically using a hand lever but this system is not user-friendly. Each time, before the cut, you will need to adjust the paper and its position and keep it holding until you are done.

This problem can be solved using Automatic paper cutting machine described here

10. Agricultural Robot Designed for Seeding Mechanism

Sowing a seed is one of the most important but the toughest part in the field of Agriculture.

What if this can be done by Robots?

To get this done using a robot, it needs a camera and sensors to measure the distance and objects. A motor and wheels to move robot forward

Tools like Saw blades which helps the robot to sow the seed.

Read more for more details

11. Bending and Fatigue Analysis

This analysis is veyr important for the improvements in design mechanism and process of connecting rod manufacturing.

The best part about using the technology like ANSYS software here, it saves us a time of building different prototypes for doing similar tests.

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12. Contactless Eddy Braking System

ABS (Electro Hydraulic AntiLock Break System) is very popular these days. But they have many shortcomings and a new technology requires for our braking systems.

Few of the noteworthy negatives of ABS System are:

  • ABS Work on Hydraulic pressure, and sometimes when this pressure doesn't built up, the breaks doesn't work optimally
  • ABS causes Wear and Tear on the Break Shoe and so have high maintainance cost
  • Lackluster Peformance on higher speed


So the better alternative for ABS System would be Eddy Braking system.

How Eddy Breaking System works?

When non magnetic metal moves through the magnetic field and they are in motion, they generate Eddy Currents and these currents opposes magnetic force

As the motion of non magnetic metal increases the more force it generates.

As this braking system is contact less, it has several advantages:

  • They are Quick to respond
  • Better Performance even on higher speed
  • As no contact happens during the braking, no wier and tier happens. It grealy reduces the maintainace cost.

Read More about Eddy Breaks here

13. Voice-Commandable robotic wheelchair

A WheelChair is one of the important innovations done by mankind. It allows people to explore places even when walking is difficult or impossible

But existing wheelchairs still requires many improvements to give true independence to the person who is using it.

Like wheelchair should move based on the voice commands, so even if wheel chair is far away, it can come towards its owner. Innovation like these, will greatly improve the experience of its users.

Check out MIT Project for more details

14. Automatic Punching Machine

The Geneva based punching machines are more efficient and reliable in comparison to tradtional machines.

It requires less man power and it has lower maintainace cost.

The concept of this machine is very simple and can be divided into following steps:

  • Step 1. We need to rotate the cam drive disc because this disc is attached with a linear rod. To do so, we use an electric motor which provides the mechanical energy for the rotation of disc.
  • Step 2. When this disc starts to rotate, the rod which is attached in a way that it starts reciprocating on the punching machine.
  • Step 3. When this rod recipocates, it pushes the Punch head
  • Step 4. And this punch head which is connected with important tools, does the punching.


15. Fabrication of Innovative Scissor Jack

Flat tyres frighten us because we know the trouble we have to go through to change the tyre.

Innovative Scissor Jack is for solvign this problem by providing better and faster Jack.

Read Publication

16. Design and Performance Evaluation of an Electric Go-Kart

This is a very interesting project because it requires you to have knowledge of both electronics and mechanical.

This resembles mostly with the real-world situation, where you will need to work with different field of engineering to make your product work.

This Electric Go Kart project would only be successful when it provides better performance, less maintenance and fully tested for all the practical scenarios possible outside lab.

Click here for PDF Report

17. Fire Fighter Robot

Fire fighting is one of the most important jobs and our brave firefighters try to saves many lives every year around the world.

This project can make their job safer and they would not need to go to the dangerous places by themselves and instead send the robot to curb the fire.

This robot will need sensors to find out the exact location of the fire. The more sensors the robot has the faster robot would identify the location of the fire. These sensors are Flame sensors and they sense the fire using Infrared radiations.

We will also need Chassis for Robot or some type of body through which robot can move freely.

This robot body needs to be strong because it will carry both the Water Tank and Water pump. As both of them required once the fire is identified.

And for taking all the decisions, it requires a brain. And this brain is going to be Arduino Uno board

Read this Research for more info

18. Solar Grass Cutter

We all love the grass, which is evenly cut and which is not too long. And we have grass all over the places around us, be it a stadium, park or our garden at home. But the biggest issue with grass is that if you don't give it care, otherwise it would not look as we desire.

Grass cutting used to be a very difficult work before the invention of grasscutter by Edwin Budding in 1830. Grass Cutter makes the job somewhat easy but it still requires a lot of effort from human.

Then comes the engine powered grass cutters, which makes the cutting of grass super easy but have their cons like higher maintenance, pollution, and fuel consumption.

Our project Solar Grass Cutter is trying to solve all the problems the gasoline-powered grass cutter have

Before we learn about the Solar Grass Cutter we need to understand the concept of Traditional Gasoline-powered Grass cutters and how they work?

This will allow us to understand what exactly has changed in the solar grass cutter.

So basically, in Traditional Grasscutter, we use the potential energy of Gasoline to power the engine, which eventually rotates the blades connected with at the bottom. And these rotating blades eventually cut the grass.

So, to rotates these blades with solar panels, we need to replace the engine with DC motor. After replacement, the blades will be rotated by motor once connected with DC power source.

To supply this power, we use solar energy. But as solar energy varies with the power of sunlight, we need to use a battery, which allows us to supply contact power supply to our motor. And to control the speed, we will use circuit breaker.

Solar Grass cutter consists of


Read this Slideshare PPT

  • Solar panels
  • Blades
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • Battery
  • Circuit Breaker

19. Hand Gesture Robot

Do you have a habit of controlling your robot or remote car via Joystick or remote?

How would you feel if you can do it by your hand?

This project would help you in controlling your robot with the gesture of your hands.

Before we start working on this, you will need to understand how it works and what are the things we will need to build this.

So the first thing we need something which can recognize our gestures! What can it be? The answer is Accelerometer. You would already hear of an accelerometer as one of the specifications of your mobile.

It provides the phone with important information about the phone tilt in three coordinates X, Y, and Z. In our project, we will use the same concept but we will need only two. X for moving forward and backward and Y is for moving right or left

The accelerometer we are going to use here is ADXL335. Now, with this, whenever we change the gestures of our hand, we will get the data.

Once we get the data, we need to process it and send it to the receiver. We process the data, or in simple terms understand the data in Arduino and transmit the 4-bit data to the receiver after encoding it.

Reciever just need to decode it and pass it to Motor Driver, which controls the motor

Find complete details about Hand Gesture Robot over here

20. Android Controlled HoverCraft

Hovercraft is a wonderful vehicle in itself. It is a vehicle that can be used on Water, Ice, or Land. Building a hovercraft is fun in itself but what about if you can control the same hovercraft with your phone?

We will see how this can be done and this can be an interesting project for your final year engineering.


The concept on which hovercraft works is simple. It uses air thrust to stay afloat from the base and to move forward.

It uses a fan, which blows the air in the opposite direction, and that propels it in the forward direction. This is done by Thurst Motor.

Similarly, it has fans that push the air downwards, and like air, the air wants to escape, it lifts the hovercraft from the base. For this, we use Lift Motor.

To control this hovercraft from Android device, you will need an APP and a mobile having bluetooth connectivty.

This app will pass a signal to control the hovercraft using Bluetooth. Hovercraft will have Bluetooth receiver, which receives this signal and pass it to the microcontroller installed on it. Which later pass on the commands based on the input to the motors.

The hardware which are required for the project:

  • Atmega328p
  • Relay Driving Circuit
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Relay Driving Circuit
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Power supply circuit
  • High power motors
  • Rudder motor

Get more info from here

21. Metal Detector Robot

This robot helps us to detect metal at the places where we can't go or don't want to go.

It has many use cases such as Treasure Hunt. And it works, autonomously, it would save us a lot of time.

Modules you will need for this project

  • Arduino UNO ATMega328 Microcontroller Board: Its like a small form of computer. It consists of everything a computer have like RAM, ROM, Input output ports.
  • Motor Control Driver: This requires to control the speed and direction of DC motors with the help of instructions from MicroController
  • Metal Detector: It uses Eddy Currents to sense the metal. The concept is simple, and we pass pulsing current to the coil to generate a magnetic field. When this magnetic field moves across the metal, it induces eddy current in the metal. These currents have their own magnetic field, which generates opposite current in the coil and indicates the presence of metal.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors: They are used to find the distance of the metal. It sends High-frequency sound waves, which reflect back after hitting the object. When we multiple speed with time, we get the distance. We use this to avoid collision.
  • Battery

Read more about this project on SlideShare

22. Bluetooth Controlled Night Vision Robot

These robots are very helpful in an emergency situation where human life is at risk if they go to the place.

So, instead of sending humans to the place, these robots can be used, and as they have night vision capabilities, it provides us all the important information about the place.

How does this robot works?

It works with the help of Android Application, which works like a remote control for it. So, everything on the robot can be controlled using the Application.

For the transfer of the signal, it uses Bluetooth Technology. And as always Arduino UNO microcontroller as its brain.

For Motor Driver we use L293D IC and night vision camera for video

For the movement of Robot, we will use 2 DC Motors and 1 Motor to rotate the camera in all direction (360 degrees)

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22. Bluetooth Controlled Night Vision Robot

These robots are very helpful in an emergency situation where human life is at risk if they go to the place.

So, instead of sending humans to the place, these robots can be used and as they have night vision capabilities, it provides us all the important information about the place.

How does this robot works?

It works with the help of Android Application, which works like a remote control for it. So, everything on the robot can be controlled using the Application.

For the transfer of the signal, it uses Bluetooth Technology. And as always Arduino UNO microcontroller as its brain.

For Motor Driver we use L293D IC and night vision camera for video

For the movement of Robot, we will use 2 DC Motors and 1 Motor to rotate the camera in all direction (360 degrees)

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23. Pedal Powered Electricity Generator

Generating a small bit of electricity is not new, and people around the world used it for lighting up the bicycle light in front using dynamo.

In this project, we can work on to make this process more efficient and instead of using instantly (in the case of dynamo lights) , we can store the generated electricity into the battery.

This video will guide you more about it:

24. Pedal Powered Water Purifier

Despite the industrial revolution and scientific growth, many children around the world are fighting diseases caused by the use of unpurified water. Because they do not have any source of clean water.

In 2007 when Google organized the Innovate or Die content, nobody would think that the winner of that project would be Aquaduct! A pedal-powered vehicle which both filters and stores the water with very simple mechanism.


Check out the video below to understand how this works?

25. Semi Automatic Sand Filter Machine

Sand filtration needs to be done for a lot of purposes as sand is an important component for many industries such as construction, tiles, bricks etc

In developing countries, sand filteration still done manually, which makes it times consuming and tedious.

This is the reason, this semi automatic sand machine, though simple to build in comparison to other ideas we discussed so far but very significant.

How it works?

As we use Mesh for filteration traditionaly.Here we are going to use the same, the only difference is that this time, we will connect it to the car wipers motor with rod.

Wiper motor is little different than the traditional motors as it moves forward and backward in a set of time intervals.

When this motor is connected with Rod, it pushes and pulls the mesh.

To reduce the friction, we use wheels underneath the mesh.


Once we start the machine, filteration process starts and we collect the filtered sand in the box container attached to it.

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26. Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Whenever we need an autonomous Robot, we have to make sure that it should know how to avoid obstacles while moving. Otherwise, it would not able to do desired tasks.


  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Arduino (motherboard + driver): This is a brain of this project, it decides what to do when it receives signal from the sensor. For example, when it receives a signal that sensor has detected some object in front, it directs motor shield to stop the motors and change the directions.
  • Adafruit Motor Shield: We use Motor Shield to control the motor or servo using Arduino Board
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: As its name suggest, Ultrasonic sensor works by emitting Ultrasonic waves and when its reflect back from the target, it find outs about the obstacle and its distance. This is similar to how Dolphin finds the fishes and objects in front.
  • Wires, Batteries and Software


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27. Pedal Powered Hacksaw

In this project we will see how we can transfer human energy into mechanical energy. And replace the motor which is required to move HackSaw in to and fro motion

This project is consist of following parts:

  • Frame: A basic Frame so we can put together all the components of the project such as Seat, Pedals, HackSaw, Pipe Holder etc
  • Cycle Pedal: We will use the pedal of the cycle and gear to rotate Flywheel attached to it.
  • Flywheel: Flywheel rotates when we pedal the machine and this flywheel is connected with the hacksaw using a rod. So, when Flywheel rotates, it pushes and pulls the hacksaw in forward and backward direction
  • Hacksaw: When the Hacksaw repitively moves forward and backward, it starts cutting the object underneath it.
  • Pipe Holder: For this experiment, you can use Pipe as your cutting object. To hold the pipe at one position, you will need the Pipe Holder.


Read More

28. Automatic Plant Irrigation System

To build this project, we are going to use Power Supply, Soil Moisture Sensor, Arduino UNO R3, LCD Display, SPDT Relay Coil, AC Motor Pump and Step Down Transformer

Concept of this project is very easy to understand. Basically, we use Sensor to detect if soil is wet or net. Based on the response, we switch on or off the motor.

The automates our plant watering system and make plan irrigation easier.

29. Pulley Based Crane Robot

In older days, when people used to pull water from the well or to lift a heavy object, they found it very difficult.

When the same task done with the help of Pulley(it got invented in Mesopotamia in early 2nd millennium BCE), weight feels lighter.

We had a complete chapter in my school days, where we studied about the complete mechanism

In this project, we are using the same concept to lift the object using robotic crane.This helps us to lift very heavy object with the help of small motor.

The concept is very simple, where we connect our motor which is powered by battery, which lift the object from the ground with the help of pulley

30. Rough Terrain Robot

With innovation in Robotics, we realized that to create fully autonomous robots, we need a Robot which can move in any terrain. Because without that, we need to create sophisticated paths for it and we loose all the purpose of building it for.

Because if fire fighting robot, doesn't climb stairs or doing move through the objects, it doesn't solve our purpose

This robot can be of any shape or sizes, but the we can take inspiration from the animals, who can easily move forward in any circumstances.

When I think of these type of creatures, two insects come to my mind, one is Spider and other is Beetle.

Here we would if we can design somethign similar to Beetle

This paper would help you in understanding complete concept of it. Ijtee Journal

31. Mini Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt makes our life lot easy when it comes to move objects around. It is very convienient, more effecient and less labour intesive and we can transfer any size of object big or small on the conveyor belt.

In Mini Conveyor Belt, we will see the how easy it is to build conveyor belt. Conveyor belt consists of two pulleys, one is connected with motor other one is idle and used for looping the belt on other end.

In our project, we will use DC Motor to rotate the first pulley and that pulley will have belt connected and we can use tube of the cycle tyre as this belt material.

This paper would help you in understanding complete concept of it.

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