Final year projects for CSE

For final year engineering students, selection of project is always a daunting task. In this page, I will try my best to give you ideas which help you to find out correct topic for your CSE project. As computer science student, you first need to select your favorite language.
In present time, you should opt for C#, PHP or JSP (basically project related to websites) or Objective C(iPHone) or Java (Android) because working on above titles, will give you glimpse of real world needs as a computer engineer and also help you in your carrier. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that each language needs different editor, so like c# it works best in Microsoft Visual Studio softwares(free express version is also availalbe), PHP (My favorite is Sublime Text) , JSP(Netbeans) and Objective C (X Code). So if you want to program for iPhone, you will need Mac computer. If we keep these small things in mind, it would be lot easier for us to select one idea.
The simplest project you can do is to build blog using wordpress. Once you have wordpress, you can select best themes and plugins to create website as per your requirement. The best part about this work is that you will find lot of useful resources on internet and youtube.
For Mobile Apps, I would recommend using Ionic Framework. This will help you to create hybrid app which will work on all the popular mobile devices such as Apple Mobile, Android Phone and Lumia .
For database, my personal choice is mysql but you can choose whatever you feel best like SQLite if you are looking for lite database alternative. Most of the computer science students look for some type of managemet system like Library Management System, Student Management System, Hospital Management system etc. In my opinion you should always try to find these projects on Sourceforge
This list has been prepared by me with after lot of research, so if you would like to add few more, please leave the comment at the bottom with your suggestions.


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